About Patel in Paris


My name is Varsha, and I’m a Law student at the University of Warwick. But from September, I’m going to be studying in Paris for a year! I’ve gone back and forth with the idea of starting a year abroad blog- and I’ve finally caved. Not only will this blog keep my family and friends posted on what I’ve been up to, but I also want it to serve as a guide to future students who are moving to Paris.

That being said, after having browsed what feels like millions of Paris blogs online, I’ve decided that I want Patel in Paris to be different. It has to be more than the typical “ooo la la today I went to la tour Eiffel and then ate a baguette #paris”, because I can’t imagine anything worse to read. Hopefully this blog can push me to do more things to make the most of my year (and therefore go beyond the Eiffel Tower).

So, here’s hoping a year abroad is everything they say it will be, and more.

Patel in Paris x

P.S: Sometimes I write other things https://varshapatel.contently.com/  – This is very much a work in progress.


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